Thank you from your winner- Jacque!

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Wow… I’m so blown away! Thanks for all the votes… I never win anything! I’m still smiling!!

You guys have been SO cool, creative and curious… and the questions! I’ve never sat down to wonder if a fish ever gets thirsty! I mean, I know all living organisms need water, but how do you drink when you’re surrounded by it!

“I’m a Scientist” is a way for you to chat to scientists working in the field. It’s a way for you to find out about being a scientist, what the work is like and if you may like it or not. It’s a way for you to make decisions, and you’re doing it perfectly. BE curious, ASK people and follow your heart… Even now that “I’m a Scientist” is all over, don’t stop being curious. If you think you might like something, find out more about it! You may end up being scientist, and you may not, and that’s ok too.

Thanks to the “I’m a Scientist” team. You’ve put on a great event and made it loads of fun to be a part of. You’ve helped me realise that science communications is something I can actually do… and I like it too!

To the scientists of the Curium zone: Mathew, Kezia, Hazel, Fiona and Daniel – thanks for taking part, your answers were all so good and I was sure one of you would win it!

Keep exploring.


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